Oceanites is the only nongovernmental, publicly supported organization conducting scientific research in Antarctica, and our 2008-09 Antarctic Site Inventory field season has come to a close. And what a season it was!

With the wonderful assistance of Lindblad Expeditions and its two expedition vessels, the National Geographic Endeavour and the National Geographic Explorer, the Inventory made a record 155 visits and collected data at 56 sites, including 8 previously unvisited sites. Over 15 seasons, the Inventory now has made 951 site visits and collected data at 128 Antarctic Peninsula locations.

Congrats to all of our researchers for their hard work and unstinting effort. Our results will be reported at the forthcoming Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Baltimore (April 6-17, 2009), as we seek to identify and analyze environmental changes that are occurring in the Antarctic Peninsula, precisely where these changes are occurring, and why they are occurring.