A Wrinkle In Ice (or Not) | The Loom | Discover Magazine.

In comments to our February 14, 2009 post — “Climate change even worse than predicted” — it was noted that there continues to be much media abuse/misuse of scientific data that, clearly, reveal the human contribution to our planet’s warming, as well as the problem of nonexistent data cited by some in the media to deny the scientific record.

The most recent instance of the latter is/was George Will’s February 15, 2009 op-ed piece in the WASHINGTON POST (“Dark Green Doomsayers”), which touted recent data on global sea ice increases to rail against “eco-pessimists.” As it happens, the data Mr. Will cite support the opposite conclusion, that global sea ice is decreasing.

Today’s “Wrinkle” blog post by Carl Zimmer in DISCOVER elaborates on Mr. Will’s misleading statements and his misreading of the science.

Also today, from Andrew Revkin of the NEW YORK TIMES, an article noting how exaggeration, by Mr. Will as well as by Al Gore, can be pitfalls in the climate debate.

The original op-ed piece by Mr. Will.