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Satellite Imagery Shows Fragile Wilkins Ice Shelf Destabilized.

Climate Progress » Blog Archive » Must have PPT in disappointing issue of Nature devoted to “The Coming Climate Crunch” .

Huge Ice Shelf Breaks From Antarctica, Fractures: Discovery News.

‘In the Great Ship Titanic’ | Print Article |


Greenhouse Gases Continue To Climb Despite Economic Slump.

Balding Penguin Gets Custom Made Wetsuit – Geekologie.

Balding penguin’s wetsuit lets him swim again – Science-

Intelligent Robo-Penguins Take To Seas, Skies (VIDEO).


Tourists get that sinking feeling.


Finding Feisty Fungi in Antarctica | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine.

5 Questions for Penguin Scientist Ron Naveen | Mother Jones.