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Please sign up and join in with us on April 12 for DISCOVERY’s Earth Day WEBINAR that, in part, will focus on the work of the Antarctic Site Inventory (see link below).

The event stems from Oceanites advising BBC during the production of the new FROZEN PLANET series. The climate change episode of the series references the Antarctic Site Inventory’s work and our findings that Antarctic Peninsula penguins are showing different responses to the warming climate — Adélie penguins significantly declining, while gentoo penguins are thriving, expanding their numbers, and extending their breeding range.

Siemens STEM Academy – Earth Day: What the Ice and Penguins Tell Us About Our Changing Planet.

Will your kid be taught that climate change is a hoax? – The Washington Post.

Reports link heat waves, deluges to climate change – The Washington Post.



Non-migrating penguins thrive in warmer Antarctic – Technology & science – Science – LiveScience –