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While the report, which is issued every six to seven years, offers no radically new or alarming news, Scambos told me, it puts an exclamation point on what we already know, and refines our evolving understanding of global warming. …




The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released  very first part of its new synthesis of climate science, and the summary for policymakers is now available:

2013-09-22T100423Z_01_PXP116_RTRIDSP_3_CLIMATE-IPCC2What have we actually learned about global warming in the last 25 years? . . .

PenguinCountMeInHiResSQUARETHE PENGUIN COUNTERS fundraising campaign on KICKSTARTER is going well so far, with 2 weeks still to go to reach the goal. Again, don’t hesitate to spread  word about the camaign. Here are the links:

THE PENGUIN COUNTERS – Tackling climate change, one penguin at a time . . .
On Facebook:
Penguin Counters Website:
G2 in Bethesda Magazine:
Chevy Chase Gazette:

1240230_355159884617770_1376517663_nTo ALL our Friends and Supporters:

I’m very excited to share news that the KICKSTARTER campaign for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film about Oceanites and the Antarctic Site Inventory has just launched!

Here’s the link:

Harriet, Peter, and their entire team at Getzels Gordon Productions have done an amazing job getting the KICKSTARTER campaign going, the film clip you’ll see is a harbinger of the over-the-top, fabulous footage they’ll be using, and I’d be enormously grateful for your spreading the word about the campaign as widely and vigorously as you can.

The campaign seeks funding for a festival-ready cut of the film, which, ultimately, is intended for broadcast worldwide.

Importantly, ALL donations count – small, medium, or large – and obviously, all of us connected with the film hope you’ll be able to assist, as possible. Thanks!

Also, please check out the official website for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS:

And THE PENGUIN COUNTERS page on Facebook:

Once again, really appreciate your help moving this campaign forward.

More to come, all best