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Oceanites — “ocean-eye-tees” — is the scientific name for a group of oceanic birds called storm-petrels, including the Wilson’s storm-petrel, which breeds in Antarctica and then, when its breeding season concludes, migrates northward to all of the world’s oceans.

A fitting symbol, it is hoped, for our nonprofit, science and educational foundation, which intends to foster the conservation of the world’s oceans, islands, and their wildlife, as well as a better appreciation of the sensitive connections we humans have to our watery globe.

Oceanites, Inc. was founded in 1987 in the United States. Its major scientific project is the Antarctic Site Inventory, which began collecting and compiling baseline biological and physical data and descriptive information in 1994.

And finally, in 2006, via this website, Oceanites begins a long-term, multi-language educational effort to disseminate internationally — and to as wide an audience as possible, all that we’ve compiled.

Ultimately, the website will contain a unique educational component — a virtual classroom that allows interested adults and children to “plug into” a wealth of presentations, videos, and downloadable materials about key subjects. And to do so in many different languages.

We believe that knowledge is powerful and our goal is to make valuable data and information readily available to key communities — whether governmental, scientific, environmental, or public.

This helps ensure that everyone, wherever located, has access to relevant and requisite facts, figures, statistics, and analyses.

And that, hopefully, this leads to more informed discussions by all of us, our friends, and those we meet, and more enlightened and better reasoned conservation decisions by our leaders.